As givers, we want to maximise the impact of our donations. We want to know they are going to worthwhile causes and being spent on the things we care about.

The goal of the TAP Foundation is to manifest and magnify thoughts and prayers in the world, transforming sentiment into real donations to real causes. By using tangible, accessible, transparent and non-denominational Thoughts and Prayers crypto tokens, you and anyone around the world can send your TAP to where they are needed - and track their social impact. Send TAP directly to support a friend, or use the Impact Wall platform below to find causes that you care about.

Now, we can put our money where our thoughts are.

Impact Wall

The Impact Wall BETA

Impact Wall

The TAP Impact Wall BETA is here! Want to try it out? We'll send you some test TAP, all you need to do is fill out this form and provide us with your public wallet address. Don't know how to do this? Email us and we'll help you get set up!

What is the Impact Wall?

The Impact Wall is a place where you can discover charities that you care about — all in one central location. You can donate to your favourite charity using TAP and receive Wish reward tokens as a thank you! Use your Wish to vote for your desired charity.

How does this work?

When donating or voting, 0.5% of your 1% transaction fee goes into the monthly vault. Use your Wish to vote for a charity to receive the vault reserve. When the timer runs out the vault can be distributed. The first person to press the distribute button will receive a Wish reward!


As the Impact Wall is currently in BETA, we value your feedback. If you encounter any bugs in the BETA or have feature suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

For Charities

Are you a Charity that wants to be listed on our Impact Wall and allow users to donate to you? Get in contact with us: [email protected] Don't know anything about wallets or cryptocurrency? We'd love to help get you set up.


Not a Charity or Donor but want to help support TAP and our mission to create transparency and trackability in the philanthropy sector? Get in touch: [email protected]

Contact us

[email protected]

Why TAP?

Support a worthy cause or help a friend directly

A simple, trackable path to giving! Send TAP directly or use our Impact Wall to create your change.

Be rewarded for making a difference with Wish tokens

Claim Wish tokens as reward for donating TAP, and use them to vote for your chosen causes.

Competitive crowdsourcing transaction fees

0.5% funds our operations, and 0.5% is distributed to the causes you love through Dapp voting.

Moving the needle on transparency from zero to one

Your donations are totally trackable on the blockchain. Confidently donate, knowing your TAP is going where you intend.

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We’re partnering with Coinstash to list TAP in Q1 2022

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